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          When Bumblebee decides to take a rare night off, he heads out to watch his favorite band. However, the fun is soon ruined when Bisk and a couple of mini-cons attack the stadium. Suddenly, it's up to Bumblebee to save the day and the concert!
          When Edward is asked to go to the scrap yard, he meets a traction engine called Trevor. Can Edward help save him from the scrap heap and find him a new home?
          It's Billy's first day at work and Thomas has been asked to show him how to be a Really Useful Engine. Billy thinks Thomas is a bossy engine - will they ever be friends?
          When Sir Handel arrives at the Little Railway, he thinks he is very important. What will happen when he's rude to the coaches?
          Sodor is covered in deep snow. Will Thomas be able to get through, if strong Gordon is there to help?
          A treasury of five classic Paw Patrol stories to read and enjoy!
          This charming collection includes five My Little Pony Books, featuring stories, profiles and cartoons about ponies who united Equestria.
          One day Mole pokes his nose out of his tunnel and discovers the world is an exciting place. He meets brave Ratty, kind old Badger and the rascally Mr. Toad, and together they go adventuring...
          Cruella de Vil is enough to frighten the spots off a Dalmatian pup. And when she steals a whole family of them, Pongo and Missis set off on a desperate rescue mission. But will they be in time to save the puppies?
          When bulldozers arrive in Farthing Wood, the animals must escape. They agree to protect each other, but as they face fires and deadly rivers, can their promise hold?
          Velvet is mad about horses. And when she wins a horse in a raffle, she knows he's something special.
          Nine delightfully charming stories about the once-upon-a-time little girl in the candy-striped dress.
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