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Now that your baby is growing, it's time to explore the exciting, tasty world of solids, but getting organized can be a challenge for new parents. Baby and Toddler Meal Planner, the latest title in the Dr. Pixie Pixie Mc Kenna series, shows parents how to plan and prepare effortless, balanced meals for their growing child during the various stages of weaning. With expert advice on the best first foods for your baby, time-saving tips and an easy-to-follow meal planner for each stage, this book will help you give your child a healthy, happy transition to family food.
Manufacturer: Igloo Books
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This exciting new series is inspired and developed by Dr. Pixie Mc Kenna specifically for parents. With her vast experience as a medical professional and common-sense approach to parenting, Dr. Pixie Mc Kenna draws on her own experience as a mother to bring you this fantastic range of parenting books.

SIZE (inches) 24.50 x 19.90 x 0.90 cm
NO. OF PAGES 128 pp + 8 end-pages, flexicover